Every lesson of life ,
Taught us a new thing .
It always hugs the newness,
By forgetting the losts.

Be it’s a game of time !
Then also ,
It taught us the newness,
Knows the newness .

Although we remember and regrets ,
For the old lost memories
That time had scripted ,
In the pages of our lives !
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Bring some light …


It’s dark ,
Too dark here !!
Where I can’t see anything ,

Bring some lights ,
Anybody please bring some lights ,
I can’t see anything .
Somebody please help me ,
Just guide me ;
To the way ,
Where sunshine belongs !
Where sun rises ..
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The secret of my smile !


I smiled ,
I am smiling
I will smile !!
Always ..
Whatever may be the situation,
Whatever may be the condition,

It’s not because
I gotta plenty of reasons
To smile !
But only for the reason
To hide my real condition!

What do you think ?
I’m free from depression !!
I’ve never been in a critical condition?
It’s only you who is suffering!!
And all are happy ;
Without going through
The ups and downs !!

I haven’t told you yet
The facts and phases !!
I’ve gone through,
Going through
And will go through!!

I paid a cost too !!
It’s not only you ..
Don’t be surprised..
Don’t overreact !!
It’s true..
Cent percent true ..

But the difference is,
I skipped all these
By passing a smile !
Every time, every moment.
I put a mask !!
On my face ..
It depicts I’m smiling
I’m happy !!
But the reality is,
A bitter truth
That you don’t know about !!

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I promise ..


A presence is always felt;
Each and every moment,
Every minute and every day ..
Always growing,
Always being there ..
I’m experiencing the Heaven on Earth..
With you and only with you ..

Have I told you yet ?
All about the Merriness you bring !
Have I told you yet ?
What you mean to me !
Just in case if I’m not ;
Then I wanna shout it loudly
To you,
And to the entire world
That you’re the best thing
That’s ever happened to me !
You’re the world ,
Where I belong ..

I promise,
Memories will be cherished ,
All the promises will be kept ,
They’re sweet ,
They’re chocolaty !
They’re like
The rose musks ;
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The silver strings of rain
Drops and pour the earth outside,
And I’m weeping inside!!

The black clouds are thundering ,
And my grey feelings remain silent
In my heart ..

The rain showers;
And I wanna cry out !
So that no one could noticed!

But !
I’m scared of raining ,
Shedding my tears !
If I couldn’t stop myself
Then ?
I’m burning myself inside ,
And drinking the cups of pain !

And I looked up
At the sky,
That’s ready to shower
The black clouds ..
And it showers down
Thundering and winding ,
With the silver rainy strings

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Life’s tests

Test ….
Oops!! What a problem??
Oh God !!!
Pass or fail ??
I don’t know ..
Gonna get what?
Well .. I don’t know!!

What will be the judgement ?
What will be the punishment?
What will be the score ?
And what about prestige ?

All are questioned
And answers are nothing!
What a panic situation!
No sleeps and no attentions ..
What’s going to be ?
How much tough it will be?
Am I gonna crack it ?
Or test gonna crack me ?

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I Hope


Hey dear ,
I wanna confess,
Something to you.

Which I kept within,
Without unfolding!
Now wanna shout it loud
To the world ,
And to you..
My hopes , my desires
With you and only with you…

I hope for a life
With you .
I want  the special moments ,
Shared with you .
I hope for some small happy moments
I want to realise and cherish ,
The mesmerising memories ,
Of you and I .
I hope for our togetherness
Although far away we’re !

Unity of two hearts
In a same ground
All these going on and around
In my mind,
listening my heart
Obeying it’s music
And the melodies
That’s soothing by nature
And I’m in love with all these ..

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In the form of proverb
We always heard ,
“Human wants are unlimited!”
So true it is !

In the form of proverb
We always heard ,
“Time and tide wait for none”
So true it is !

In the form of proverb
We always heard ,
All these !!
Valuable these are;

We need money
We need comfort
We need status
We need sophistication
All we need  and need
There’s no end one can see !

Yes it is practical
Yes it is rational
Yes it is social ..
And yes
Of course we get all these ..
And we’re happy !!
But happy is how much happy?
We’re in peace
But peace is in how much peace ?
And there’s no answer
I can get !!
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Song of my Heart!!

Now in the walls of air
With the alphabet of Sun rays;
I’ll write a lot of cherry letters to you.

When I peep into the books
Or into the doors or Windows;
All tells me the tale of you and I .

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