The life’s lesson!!

Our lives aren’t dustbins to hold the garbages like ego , jealousy, hatred , pain and so on .. It’s a beautiful flower vase that spread fragrances with different colours

with its charming ness and beauty ..
It’s a tree that bears the sweet and sour  fruits of happiness .. Life is like a dance , drenching in the silver strings of rain and to run amidst the lush green fields …
It’s life , we get it once .. Not again and again ..
So be the reason for happiness and be happy . The challenges are nothing but the game of life that everyone plays .. We all have a story where we’re playing the lead role ..
I always remember one thing ..

Past is a history
And future is a mystery , who knows what we may get ??
But now the moment we’re spending is a gift . That’s why it is called “present”.
Time and tide wait for none ..
Do what you like and live each and every moment ..

Remember a simple moment can be special and memorable one ; if you want to make it ..
What is needed is your desire to make every moment special .. Our obstacles is ourselves !! And others are the excuses for not to blame ourselves ..


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