That’s all you’ve gifted!!

I always blamed you!
For my precious moments
Of stollen childhood.

I blamed you
For all my lost springs
That I desired for !

And ,
Yes , you’re the reason.
You’re to be blamed !
You’re the reason
For which I shut myself
In a room ,
Alone , weeping and crying
All the time .
And gradually
It became my strength.
I stopped shedding tears
Of my departure
From my parents!
I know that
I’m my daddy’s princess
Mummy’s doll .
I wanted them near to me
Playing with me
But I was all alone
Far away only for you!
‘Why did you have done it to me ?’
‘ what’s my fault that you punished me so hard?’
These questions are always
In my eyes for you  .

And you taught me
To stay alone
To be strong
To be practical
Not to be a day dreamer !!
Not to dream about fairy tales
And see ..
I learned these and
Implemented in my life !!
And I should be grateful to you

As it works !!
As it makes me
A successful toy ,
Called “professional”
In behavior and in lifestyle
Everything changes ..

Now you’re sleeping eternally!!
But still,
My questions are the same !!
Why me ??
I’m weeping at your departure
I’m crying
I’m shading my tears 
From the innermost core of my heart .
I don’t know why am I crying?
For a corpse that gave me pain !!
And the pains that gradually becomes wounds !!
Irreparable damage to me !!
But I’m crying
I’m weeping
And shading my tears !!

That’s all you’ve gifted to me !!
Pains,tears and wounds!!

And still I don’t know

Why am I crying for you?
I’m asking myself
There’s no answer
I’ve found satisfactory !
That’s all you’ve gifted !
A peace less life ..
I can’t hate you
Can’t love you .
There’s no definite option you’ve left !!



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