A cherry letter

My Dear mom,

You’re very precious to me ,
I’m giving you a sweet & pure rose
Gathered in the early morn ;
Planted on the land of my heart,
Is the love of my heart.

Mom, you’re precious  to me
The best in me you always see.
When we’re together ,
A special moment is shared .

You’re a light
Guides me in my way
In the darkest hour,
To overcome the fear.

Your love give me courage
In the unclear ways ahead .
You taught me to be wise and faithful.
That’s makes my way colourful.

Mom, I’ve copied you,
Your voice echoes in my words .
I’ve learned to make knots ,
As you painted my hopes .

Dear mom,
You’re precious to me
Holding my hands from the day
I was born …
You’re my inspiration
Like the light of the day
Which makes me to pray
That I want to be your shadow everyday .
You’re the epitome of
Tenderness , wisdom and care
That I need in each and every spheres .



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