I Hope


Hey dear ,
I wanna confess,
Something to you.

Which I kept within,
Without unfolding!
Now wanna shout it loud
To the world ,
And to you..
My hopes , my desires
With you and only with you…

I hope for a life
With you .
I want  the special moments ,
Shared with you .
I hope for some small happy moments
I want to realise and cherish ,
The mesmerising memories ,
Of you and I .
I hope for our togetherness
Although far away we’re !

Unity of two hearts
In a same ground
All these going on and around
In my mind,
listening my heart
Obeying it’s music
And the melodies
That’s soothing by nature
And I’m in love with all these ..

I hope
You’re feeling the same
And I hope for a hope
That you’ll love me
Like the clouds ;
Loves the rain ..

I hope
We’ll mingle one day
One day we’ll …

I hope for that one day
I hope for that one day ..
Only I hope for
Only I wish for ..
Only the day that will come soon …


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