Life’s tests

Test ….
Oops!! What a problem??
Oh God !!!
Pass or fail ??
I don’t know ..
Gonna get what?
Well .. I don’t know!!

What will be the judgement ?
What will be the punishment?
What will be the score ?
And what about prestige ?

All are questioned
And answers are nothing!
What a panic situation!
No sleeps and no attentions ..
What’s going to be ?
How much tough it will be?
Am I gonna crack it ?
Or test gonna crack me ?

The life’s test is difficult
But what my inner soul answers ?
I asked it frequently
And continuously ..
Then analysed it
Finally got the answer
Appropriately …

That answered ..
A test isn’t taken to judge whether you gonna pass or fail !!
It’s taken for calculating “how much strong are we?”
It’s to measure “I’m strong”..
That’s all ..
It’s so simple
And you’re just taking so much tensions !!
It’s just to enjoy and enjoy ..

Difficulties and easy ways are there ..
These are the part of life ,
And facing all these
With a bold and brave manner ,
With a shiny bright smile
Is the art of living..



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