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on February 24, 2015


The silver strings of rain
Drops and pour the earth outside,
And I’m weeping inside!!

The black clouds are thundering ,
And my grey feelings remain silent
In my heart ..

The rain showers;
And I wanna cry out !
So that no one could noticed!

But !
I’m scared of raining ,
Shedding my tears !
If I couldn’t stop myself
Then ?
I’m burning myself inside ,
And drinking the cups of pain !

And I looked up
At the sky,
That’s ready to shower
The black clouds ..
And it showers down
Thundering and winding ,
With the silver rainy strings

And then comes
The ray of hope ;
The sun shines ,
with the lemon sunshine;
In the half clear and cloudy sky
And through the rain;
The rainbow lights the sky
Urging for a mere smile ..

Saying Me hi ,
I’m by your side.
In  tough situation;
Or in a mere problem,
I’ll remind you
The lifology
That life must go on
Whatever may be the situation!

Then I manage a smile ,
Being the best makeup
That I could wear in my life …


4 responses to “Lifology

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Thank you for following my blog,looking forward to read your new posts.Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

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