I promise ..


A presence is always felt;
Each and every moment,
Every minute and every day ..
Always growing,
Always being there ..
I’m experiencing the Heaven on Earth..
With you and only with you ..

Have I told you yet ?
All about the Merriness you bring !
Have I told you yet ?
What you mean to me !
Just in case if I’m not ;
Then I wanna shout it loudly
To you,
And to the entire world
That you’re the best thing
That’s ever happened to me !
You’re the world ,
Where I belong ..

I promise,
Memories will be cherished ,
All the promises will be kept ,
They’re sweet ,
They’re chocolaty !
They’re like
The rose musks ;
Spreading scents and happiness..

I promise,
I’m gonna miss you
But ,
Our memories of togetherness,
Will always be cherished ..
The mesmerizing moments
Of you and I,
That are the source of happiness
To me ..

All I can say ,
I love you..
From the innermost core of my heart ..
For forever..
My happiness surrounded
In your happiness..

I promise,
I always be your well wisher,
My unconditional love
For you,
Will forever beats in my heart ,
And in my soul..
Forever and ever …
I promise ..
It’s my only promise to you ..


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