The secret of my smile !


I smiled ,
I am smiling
I will smile !!
Always ..
Whatever may be the situation,
Whatever may be the condition,

It’s not because
I gotta plenty of reasons
To smile !
But only for the reason
To hide my real condition!

What do you think ?
I’m free from depression !!
I’ve never been in a critical condition?
It’s only you who is suffering!!
And all are happy ;
Without going through
The ups and downs !!

I haven’t told you yet
The facts and phases !!
I’ve gone through,
Going through
And will go through!!

I paid a cost too !!
It’s not only you ..
Don’t be surprised..
Don’t overreact !!
It’s true..
Cent percent true ..

But the difference is,
I skipped all these
By passing a smile !
Every time, every moment.
I put a mask !!
On my face ..
It depicts I’m smiling
I’m happy !!
But the reality is,
A bitter truth
That you don’t know about !!

The only secret ,
Of my smile
Is to spread happiness,
I don’t want
That people came to know
About my pains !
And to be strong enough
To tackle all the difficult situations,
Independently, by myself ..
And see,
Now , I’m strong enough
And specialise myself in it ..

That’s why I promised myself
To put a smile in my face ,
That’s the reason behind my smile!
That’s why I smile every time!
That’s the only secret
Of my smile !!


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