Bring some light …


It’s dark ,
Too dark here !!
Where I can’t see anything ,

Bring some lights ,
Anybody please bring some lights ,
I can’t see anything .
Somebody please help me ,
Just guide me ;
To the way ,
Where sunshine belongs !
Where sun rises ..
Show me the light ..

Be with me,
Be my guideline.
Just show me the right path ;
I’m amidst the mysteries,
I’m amidst the confusion,
I’m in the way
Where I can’t choose
A definite path!
There are so many ways ,
All are same, alike .
What to do ?
Which one is correct ?
Just show me the path ..
Lighten up my way ..

Being some light to me !
It’s too dark here .
My Mom said to me ,
“If you lighten up
Someone’s path ,
Your path will be enlightened too ”
Please show me the path .


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