Feelings about You …


You’re a dream ,
I’m the realisation!
A sensation;
Touch of yours,
I feel ..
Every time , every moment..
The destination..
We explore..
Such a serene !
By nature ..
Rhythm of love ..
Seems everywhere ..
Every day & night ,
I think of you ..
I feel you ..
It’s the way ,
How I know you ..

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Fancy Desires !!!


Desires seems to be faded..
Why with these fancy desires?
In every ways ..
It meets & lost !
Playing hide & seek !
The faces of desires
Withers and whispers !
Again & again ;
Why with these wrong desires ?
It promises ;
And cheated me !
It turn its face ,
And laugh at me ,
Taunting me!
Every time I believe in it !

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My love …


You don’t have any idea ,
How much I am addicted of you !
You don’t have any idea ,
How much I care for you !
You don’t have any idea ,
How much I need you !
You don’t have any idea,
How much I like you !
And ….
You don’t have any idea ,
How much I love you ! Continue reading “My love …”

Oh yes!


Oh yes !
Of course …
I’m single ..
Till I find you ..

Kept myself amidst the crowd unknown..
Now I opened the door ,
For you!
To come and talk with me ..
Laugh with me ..
Have fun together ,
Share a special space
With the happiest moments
Painted by us
With the colours of love ..

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I’ll keep you in my heart …


Life is too short ..
Some roles are to be played ..
And life will go on and on ..
In sadness , in happiness ..
But I pray !
My empty heart
Will filled up with Love , one day ..
The empty place in my heart
Will be replaced by love ! Continue reading “I’ll keep you in my heart …”

The Spring will come again


Winter arrives ,
The leaves falls,
And trees are empty,
Like a corpse!

There is dullness everywhere,
Without vitality,
Winter touched everything
By its icy fingers !
The season ends !

But there is a hope,
That our love will remain forever,
Untouched by
The Winter’s icy fingers !
The Spring will come again,
And whisper..
The Cherry blossoms will spread
The messages of Love,
The rose musks will
Spread its scents ,
The pleasure will be restored,
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