lyrics Of my life !


From today onwards,
I will sing a new lyrics .
With a new melody
And tunes .

I’m happy ,
May be I’m sad
The day after !
But ,
I will sing a song
I will switched to
A new lyrics
Of life .

I am love
I will be lovable
Will love everybody .

Oh dear God of music ,
Lend me some tunes .
Some soothing tunes
That shades away the pains
And heals the wounds .

Takes me to the dreamland,
Where I met him .
Where I can breath long
In his arm .
Hugging him so tight ,
That no one could
Departs us again !

Amidst the lush green fields ,
With tiny yellow flowers..
I wanna run through
That field ..
I wanna run towards him .
To get him again !
And bring back him
In my life
That looses the vitality and charm !
I want him back ,
In my life
And wanna bring back
the mesmerizing charm forgotten !!

I can’t turn back the phases of time ,
The gone phases of life ,
It’s gone already !
But can try
To bring the old memories
Alive ..


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