I always find beautiful,
The dreams of yours
And mine ..
Seems alike !
But differences in our views ..
Although we’re supposed to
Attain the same goal ,
Still there are two ways
Assimilated in the same dreamland ..

My dreams are on sale !
As you’re by my side
Chasing and cherishing,
Loving and liking.
All you did for me ,
With a different way .

You cared, you helped
You desired the same!
Oh you’re !
I don’t know you well ..
Still a mystery,
Helped me so many times!

How could I define you ?
What to say to you ?
Who you’re ?
An angel
Or the charming price of my life ?
You’re a mystery!
But seems like ,
You’re in my history !

Hey dear ,
You’re still a mystery
But you taught me
The chemistry,
That one must have
With the mankind;
To save it,
Is to be kind .
With the unconditional love
And flying high
With lots of colours
That enriches you and I .


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