The Diary…


The diary is a Novel !
Well, I gotta questions,
About my life ,
And gotta answers inside .

It’s the diary of my life ,
And my life is a Novel !
My everyday is a new page!
With new suspense to be unfold ,
And there’s hope ,
To cope ,
With the challenges
That my life’s gonna unfold .

The next page may be sad,
But I’m sure there’s a page ,
That God had scripted
For me and for everyone ,
That ensures the merriness
That one day we gonna get .

My expectations aren’t too high !
It’s my adorable simple life ..
With some wishes and desires,
And some philosophical guidelines.
Hope those gonna come true
As I’ve painted my hopes
With my hard works and efforts.

To love and beloved
Is to feel the sun from both sides ,
But !
Sometimes all I can do
Is to smile and move on
With my day !
Holding back my tears &
Pretending I’m happy !

Throwing it away,
Forgetting yesterday,
I made a great escape
From the sorrows everyday,

Sometimes I  have to forget
What’s gone !
As my life must go on .
Appreciating what’s still remains
And to look forward ,
What’s coming next ?

Isn’t it wise ,
To keep in my mind that

Neither success nor failure is ever final ?

And to make one person happy everyday ,
Be it myself !
Am I sounding greedy ?
A selfish ?
Well it’s my only wish …
I’m prepare to set everyone free
To fly high
In the wide blue sky
To kiss the horizon that lie
Beneath the ocean blue sky .

As there’s only one reason ,
I love you all !
So want to be your
Most favorite Hello
And the hardest Goodbye everyone!


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