Don’t cry, don’t weep
And don’t be sad !
At my departure from you …

I know you love me,
I know you care ,
And will be there ,
I need you when..
But don’t burn
Your soft and beautiful heart !
At my departure..

I too love you..
I too gonna miss you ..
I have put a fake smile !
Only to pretend ,
I’m happy !

It’s also hard and tough ,
For me too!
To be separate from you ..

But what to do ?
Time isn’t in my favour!
Time has its own game !
I can’t stay with you ..
Although I want to stay ,
From the bottom of my heart ..

You’re beautiful,
Smile suits in your face ,
And I want
Your heart will remains the same ,
Filled with lots of love ;
Beautiful and pretty;
Don’t loose it please ..

I want to be the reason ;
For your happiness,
And don’t want to be
The reason of sadness!
I want to fill up your life
With the colours of the rainbow,
Till my last breath ..

I kept safely ,
All the mesmerizing memories
Of you and I ,
In my heart ..
That’s enough for me !
Please don’t cry !
Don’t weep at my departure..

Life is all about a story
That God had scripted ,
All the things aren’t in our hands !
But what we can do ,
Is to live each and every moment
Happily with a bright smile ..
Life must go on ..
Whether I’ll be there or not !
It will go on ..

I will remain always
In your heart ,
And will see the colourful
And beautiful world ,
From your eyes.
I will breath in your soul
And smile through your lips ..
Your shadow will be mine ,
And I will shine
In you every time ..

I promise ..
I’ll reflect in you ..
And I will keep it ..

Promise me ,
You’ll not change ,
You’ll remain the same ,
With your soft beautiful heart
And with the shiny bright smile …


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