It’s all about Love…


Bring a smile
Forgetting the fight ..
With an affection
And with the attraction..
Forget about the last
That makes you worst !
Live the present
That makes you the best ..
Well , it’s about life’s test !
You need to pass it ..
There may be failure !
But, you don’t fear ..
Try again ,
Of course , it’s the only option .

Keep a smile ,
Don’t be shy !
As it makes you bright
And a good guy .

What about life ?
It’s about loving everyone,
Without any limitation
And with affections ..
See the world ,
With the open wide eye ..
Love the world
To get the love !

You’re thinking ,
I’m kidding !!
But I’m not ..
It’s all about love
And love ..

Love everything ,
Love everyone ,
Love everywhere
Now and then ..
That’s a single life ,
You only have !
Don’t lose it ..
In wreath!
In pain !
Love all each now and then ..
Get love in return again and again .


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