In my heart !!


Going far away ..
From you ..
Skipping myself !
Skipping you…
Skipping the moments ..
Don’t come into my dreams ..

The dreams in my eyes ..
Are the dreams you saw!
You made me crazy !
A bit ..
How could I forget ?
Myself ..
Involving in you solely !

Trying to forget you ..
Each and every moment!
But !!
You’re in my dream !
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Memories …


I envy you !
How could I forget ?
The past ..
The moments we spent ,
The story you gave ..

Becomes my life’s script ,
The memories in my hand ;
I live, I smell ..
I’m living in you ,
In your gifted memories !!

Don’t wanna live in present !
That’s too grim ..
Wanna live with you ..
In memories we made .. Continue reading “Memories …”

Colour of monsoon…


When the sky showers ,
The clouds roars!
Give life !
To the mores ..

The scent of mud ..
Just touch our heart!
A sense of getting wet
On bare foot
In the grass..
Comes up ..

Serene is the nature ..
Serenity within us ..
As the freshness of rain
Is all the way ,
That’s so obvious!

Feelings are mesmerising !
Pours into heart ..
And I play
The games of words !
Portraying my feelings ,
That’s so soothing and alluring!
Just came to my mind !

I am in Love …


Rainy strings pours ..
I am drenching..
Dancing in the rain ..
Breezy air kissing me ..
I am drenching !
In love ..
The rattling of leaves ..
Breezy air ..
Thundering clouds ..
The lush green grass ;
Dancing too ..
The dew of mud ..
The dew of rain ..
Allures me in such a way ..
I feel ..
I am in love Continue reading “I am in Love …”