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Sweetest mistake!

on April 5, 2015


So this could be the last time ,
You can called me wrong !
Made a sweet mistake ,
To be your own!

Now you can’t called me wrong!
As I’m gonna made it ,
Again and again !
To fall in love ..
A sweet mistake,
That I’ve done ..
Stayed in your arms ..
Like a love bird do !
But from today baby ,
I’m gonna do..
This sweet mistake
Again and again!

To fall in love ,
To be in your arms,
To make you smile,
And to be your own ..

The sweetest mistake
Of my own ..
To be your own ..


One response to “Sweetest mistake!

  1. Reblogged this on Puja's view and commented:
    Isn’t it a sweet mistake ??


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