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In my heart !!

on April 28, 2015


Going far away ..
From you ..
Skipping myself !
Skipping you…
Skipping the moments ..
Don’t come into my dreams ..

The dreams in my eyes ..
Are the dreams you saw!
You made me crazy !
A bit ..
How could I forget ?
Myself ..
Involving in you solely !

Trying to forget you ..
Each and every moment!
But !!
You’re in my dream !
Become my reality !

I dream of you ..
I feel you ..
But still ,
I wanna go far away from you ..

But !

In my heart ..
I wanna be with you ..
In my heart ,
It’s  always you!
Now and then ,
Here and there ..
Near or far ..
Everywhere ..
Like a shadow of mine !!


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