The Sky of Love ..


Silver strings of rain ,
Snow White clouds ..
Emerald green ocean ..
The breezy air ..
The birds in the open wide sky ..
The lush green grass ,
Where we run ..
We drenched!!

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I feel you ….


Love …
Well , my first question ,
What is it ??
To myself !!
It’s an unknown feeling
Or may say bunches of feelings!
That are hunting me everywhere ..

Touching me and teasing me ,
I feel it in the air ,
I’m breathing..
The scent of love ,
Alluring me every time …
There’s is an unknown reason !!
For what I smile ,
I blush and feel happy …
Happiness surrounds me now ,
Hugs me in its arms ..
Everything is beautiful ..
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A cup of coffee …


A cup of coffee ,
With you..
In every morn..
Oh ! It’s taste great ..
The moment is itself the great ..
It’s sweet , it’s bitter ..
Like us ..
We talk , we laugh ..
A special moment is shared ,

What a great morning!
A great morning kick start,
With you..
My mornings are great ,
So my days are ..

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I can’t be you Momma …


Holding my hand 
From the day
I was born ..
Quite similar we’re ;
In appearance..
Our habits are alike !
Well .. Yes I’m naughty !
I’m not denying the fact too ..

Everything is similar!
Yet with vast differences!!
You care about me,
Love me ..
You fulfill all my demands ..
But still I complain !!
What a jerk I am ??
You need nothing !!
Just wanna see me happy ..

It’s you Momma ..
Who never demanded
Anything in return ..
Always kept me within your arms ..
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My days without you …


My nights are grey !!
And days with harsh ray !!

Once it was twinkling,
The moon with all its vitality ;
My nights were lovely!!

Once my days were mesmerising,
With lemon sunshine!!
Smiling all the time ..

The spring season of my life ..
You took away !!
I can hate you more and more !!
But why the hell I can’t;
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