I can’t be you Momma …


Holding my hand 
From the day
I was born ..
Quite similar we’re ;
In appearance..
Our habits are alike !
Well .. Yes I’m naughty !
I’m not denying the fact too ..

Everything is similar!
Yet with vast differences!!
You care about me,
Love me ..
You fulfill all my demands ..
But still I complain !!
What a jerk I am ??
You need nothing !!
Just wanna see me happy ..

It’s you Momma ..
Who never demanded
Anything in return ..
Always kept me within your arms ..
I can’t be you .. Momma

You’re just special..
You’re only one
Who always guides me ..
In the darkest hour..
Your shadow is always with me ..
It’s you .. Only you ..
I can’t be you ..

But ..
One thing I wanna say ..
To you momma,
You’re the prettiest lady
Of my little world..
Someone said so true ,
A mother is like a lady no other ..
Love you Momma ..



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