I feel you ….


Love …
Well , my first question ,
What is it ??
To myself !!
It’s an unknown feeling
Or may say bunches of feelings!
That are hunting me everywhere ..

Touching me and teasing me ,
I feel it in the air ,
I’m breathing..
The scent of love ,
Alluring me every time …
There’s is an unknown reason !!
For what I smile ,
I blush and feel happy …
Happiness surrounds me now ,
Hugs me in its arms ..
Everything is beautiful ..
The world is beautiful !!

Oh !! Dear …
I’m in love
With the concept of love ..
The feel I fall for is awesome ..
It’s beautiful..
It’s merry …
I feel you , every time!
I’m in love with you ..
I admit !!
I love you …


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