The first rain ..


The first rain of my life ,
It is …
Drenched my soul ,
With the tiny droplets..
Silver in colour it is …

A new birth of mine !
A whole new time  ,
With my refreshed soul ..
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Love letter …


Oh !! I lost my heart
At the first sight ..
When my two eyes saw you ,
I lost my heart !

Fancy days ,
Mysterious nights !
And I’m just in another land ..

If words comes silently
In your lips!
I agree to feel that pleasure
From my soul ..

There are some desires
That comes up !
With the first sight ..
Why there are so many demands?
Where is my heart ?

Why I do love you so much?
While I heard,
In a sweet voice,
Just lost my heart !
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Nightingale of that night …


In a serenity of Night,
Beneath the cover of twinkling stars ,
A beautiful song of Nightingale ,
I heard …
Silence covered all around !
To listen ,
What she’s singing?
In her beautiful voice ..
All are stand still !
Enjoying the calmness ,
That her voice brought !

The flowing river ,
The murmuring leaves ,
In the breezy air ..
Giving the background music ..

Oh !! What a mesmerizing moment it is !
Her soulful voice ,
Never heard before !
At a first glance ,
It made me a poetess !
To sing along ,
And writing down the lyrics
From the inner most core ,
Of my heart ,
A reflection of my soul …
Reflected myself …
And enlightened me ..
She’s the Nightingale of that night..

My fancies …


Twinkling in the dark ,
Like the fireflies..
My fancies are like !!

Born in the ways ,
I passed by ..
My specks of living light ..
My fancies are like !!

My fancies are butterflies,
Doesn’t count the prolonged years ,
Passed on and passed away!!
It counts the moments ,
And therefore has enough time ,
To paint the hopes ..

Rainbow …


The rainy strings showers ,
Deep down in my heart ..
And the sun smiles
Spreading the sunshine ..

The bird inside me ,
Is flying too high ..
Chasing the challenges
That comes in the ways ..

There’s is a rainbow
In my heart ..
That splashing the colours
In my life ..

There’s a hope
In my heart. 
Deep down inside ,
There’s a desire
In my heart ,
That’s makes me go on..

There’s is a colour ,
In my eyes ..
Showing me the colourful world ..

Beautiful it is ..
Beautiful it was ..
And beautiful it will be..
If you can see the world ,
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Nature’s call …


Going to the earth !
Says the sun ..
Giving the letter to the earth ..
Written by the lemon sunshine ..

Going to the earth..
Says the rain ..
Sending the clouds ,
In the wide open blue sky ..

The rain pours ,
Sunshine blushes !
The river sparkles
Flower blooms ..

Opening her arms
With her all beauty and charms..
The dear nature called me up,
To come closer
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Criticisms !!!

You criticized me !!
When I presented my views ,
My way of thinking,
My works too !!

Every time you’ve done the same!!
You showed me your ability
And my inability !!
And I gradually envy you !!
Getting jealous of you !!

You became my biggest enemy !!
Being a restrictor !!
Sometimes it hurts me a lot !!
I cried sometime!!
Getting angry of me !!

But …
Soon I realize the fact !!
Are you really my enemy ??
I asked myself ..
And my heart answers ,
You’re not my enemy ..
In fact..
You’re one of my well wishers..
Showing me my mistakes ,
In my works ..
You moulded me ..
You made me what I am right now !!
I’m not anymore jealous of you !!
Yeah ..
I do envy you !!
Being the best than me ..

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Mask …

Mask !!!
Isn’t it strange ?
All we wore !!
All we have !!
Like a coin ..
Two sides we’ve ..

Behind a smile ..
There’s a pain !!
Crying inside
And smiling outside !!
For the world ..

There’s a problem !!
Killing each and every moment ;
And …
All we do smile !
Acting normal !
And everything’s fine !

All we wore a mask !
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