Monsoon tale ..

The breezy air
Opened her clip ;
The procession of merriness
Crossing over my soul ..
And I’m happily hugging
My desires !
Dreaming with the open wide eyes!
There’s a charm within the atmosphere..
There’s a charm within me ..
Lively I am!
As lively the scene ..

Loving the music of
Tiny rain drops ..
Loving to watch these silver strings !
Loving to see the open wide blue sky ..
Hiding behind the clouds ..
The rattling of leaves ,
I listen !
It has its own charm !
It has its own music ..
The sound of flowing river I heard ..
Awesome it is ..
As awesome my heart ..
It is ..
As if ..
Happiness opened her arm !
To hug me up ..
I’m in the arms of nature ..
The monsoon told in my ears !
Advise me to forget the scars ..
And to celebrate the season of love !!



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