Criticisms !!!

You criticized me !!
When I presented my views ,
My way of thinking,
My works too !!

Every time you’ve done the same!!
You showed me your ability
And my inability !!
And I gradually envy you !!
Getting jealous of you !!

You became my biggest enemy !!
Being a restrictor !!
Sometimes it hurts me a lot !!
I cried sometime!!
Getting angry of me !!

But …
Soon I realize the fact !!
Are you really my enemy ??
I asked myself ..
And my heart answers ,
You’re not my enemy ..
In fact..
You’re one of my well wishers..
Showing me my mistakes ,
In my works ..
You moulded me ..
You made me what I am right now !!
I’m not anymore jealous of you !!
Yeah ..
I do envy you !!
Being the best than me ..

I saw the negative side of the criticisms !!
It made me blind..
Take away my thinking capacity!!
Made me an angry bird !!

But now I believe in me again ..
I can do it well..
If you criticise my works..
Showing me the weakest points ..
I can improve my works ..
Only because of you ..

I welcome all the criticisms in my life…
I’ll do better and better from now ..
And it’s a promise to me ..
It’s a promise to you ..
You all go on
With all your criticisms
For me..
I welcome each and every words ..
A criticism and an appreciation ..
Everything is welcome ..


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