My fancies …


Twinkling in the dark ,
Like the fireflies..
My fancies are like !!

Born in the ways ,
I passed by ..
My specks of living light ..
My fancies are like !!

My fancies are butterflies,
Doesn’t count the prolonged years ,
Passed on and passed away!!
It counts the moments ,
And therefore has enough time ,
To paint the hopes ..


5 thoughts on “My fancies …

  1. Greetings, that picture is truly incredible ! ā¤
    Did you create it ? Or do you know who did it ?
    Cause I used it for a music video, but without asking for permission…shame on me.

    It’s so easy to find pictures on the world wide web, but sometimes very difficult to find the creator/photograph.

    Sadly, most people don’t care where they come from…
    But I see how much time and inspiration it must have cost !
    To give the correct copyright credit, it would be nice to know:
    -who created it ?
    -how did he create it ?
    -what else did he create ?
    -what inspired him to do so ?
    -does he mind if I use it for the music video ?

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