Nightingale of that night …


In a serenity of Night,
Beneath the cover of twinkling stars ,
A beautiful song of Nightingale ,
I heard …
Silence covered all around !
To listen ,
What she’s singing?
In her beautiful voice ..
All are stand still !
Enjoying the calmness ,
That her voice brought !

The flowing river ,
The murmuring leaves ,
In the breezy air ..
Giving the background music ..

Oh !! What a mesmerizing moment it is !
Her soulful voice ,
Never heard before !
At a first glance ,
It made me a poetess !
To sing along ,
And writing down the lyrics
From the inner most core ,
Of my heart ,
A reflection of my soul …
Reflected myself …
And enlightened me ..
She’s the Nightingale of that night..


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