Between the lines !!

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Between the lines ,
I’m in between ,
The love and hate situation!
What a conception !

I can’t fall for you !
I can’t hate you !
Can’t go simple;
With you!

You love me so much ,
Without reason !
I wonder !
Why do you ?

No answer I’ve found !
I’m still unknown!
I’m in between the lines!
Love and hate ,
I can’t go for the one !

Complexity is in my heart !
Now the simplicity
Of my feelings  ,
I want !!
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Winning the battle !

When you see
That your world is ending ,
Shattering your dreams !

Just look at yourself ,
Inside your heart ..
And …
There’s a light …

There’s a light
In the darkness ..
There’s a way .. Continue reading “Winning the battle !”

Life cycle..

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Life is like sky;
Sometimes clear
And sometimes cloudy;

Sometimes it cries
Like the rain ..
And thunders with storms !

Sometimes it smiles ,
Shines bright ,
Like the lemon sunshine ..

Life is like a season !
Dull like the icy winter ,
But soon finds out the way;
Towards the arrival
Of the month of May .. Continue reading “Life cycle..”

Skipping the reality !!

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Running towards the land ,
No crowd !
No chaos !
Where rainbow shines bright ,
When the sunshine smiles ..

Wearing the cloth of serenity!
And a silence of purity ,
Smelling the scent of peace ;
I’m in the land ,
That I dreamt of !

I can be there ,
Closing my eyes !
When I can dream ..
To be in my fairy land !
No crowd !
No chaos ..
And no pain ..
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The Creative blogger

Thanks to #project_mayhem
🙂 for nominating me for this award ..
Great to got nomination ! Being an amateur fellow .. Thanks again Ramesh .. For nomination and for all the lovely posts shared ..

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Here are the rules:-

1. Nominate some blogs and notify them.
2. Mention the blog that nominated you.
3. Tell five random facts about you.

Five Random Facts About Me :-

• A dreamer who dreams in open eyes !
• My #First_Love is Painting .
• Inspired by Robin Sharma , the  inspirational writer .
• Lazy girl ! Without plans .. :p
• A vegetarian now .. 🙂

I Nominate :-
#loves_n_hugs from #Puja


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She’s a mystery,
That night reveals ,
Darker in its colour ,
Yet with a charm !
Beautiful as the evening sky ,
Where moon peeps,
With the twinkling stars..
In a far dark forest ,
She sings the melody ,
The fireflies greets her ..
And the whole world sleeps ,
Dreaming about ,
Her magic works ..
The Nightingale she’s ..
Singing the whole night ..

In the photographs..

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old days ,
Passes though ,
My minds recalls !
You clicked the pics ,
I was barefoot,
Walking and running ,
In the shore ..
Playing and laughing,
Singing so loud !
Playing the guitar,
Like an amateur !
Those days passed away..
So what ?
You captured the moments ,
In the photographs …
Recalling them anytime ,
Smile comes up ,
Still remains fresh ,
As it was ..
In the photograph…

I need you..

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Shattered dreams !
Painful reality !
Unbelievable it is !
Tears in eyes ..
Wanna cry out loud ..
Like a baby!
But can’t..
Holding the ocean of tears ,
Deep within ..
With the volcanic eruption,
In my heart !
Weeping and wiping out tears !
Darkness surrounded
By my side !!
I’m all finished ..
No rays of hope , I see now !
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