Words of silence !

Pic source: Google

You’re silent !
You said nothing to me !
Didn’t uttered a single word !
Didn’t asked me to explain!

You’re going on !
Going on and on ;
With the flow that life brings to you!

You’re quite !
But is it so ?
Your eyes aren’t supporting you!
Your eyes  asking me !
Once, twice , thrice and many times ..
It keep on asking me !

Your silence is screaming !
Your eyes reflects the pain ,
You hold deep within !
Still trying to be strong ..

You’re shattered completely!
But you..
Like always put the mask !

Your silence keep on asking me !
Wants the answers !
You’re holding back your tears !
Your silence do have its own language!
Your words of silence asks !
And …
I’m regretting !
I broke my promise !
I broke your heart !


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