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The Creative blogger

on July 24, 2015

Thanks to #project_mayhem
🙂 for nominating me for this award ..
Great to got nomination ! Being an amateur fellow .. Thanks again Ramesh .. For nomination and for all the lovely posts shared ..


Pic source:- Google

Here are the rules:-

1. Nominate some blogs and notify them.
2. Mention the blog that nominated you.
3. Tell five random facts about you.

Five Random Facts About Me :-

• A dreamer who dreams in open eyes !
• My #First_Love is Painting .
• Inspired by Robin Sharma , the  inspirational writer .
• Lazy girl ! Without plans .. :p
• A vegetarian now .. 🙂

I Nominate :-
#loves_n_hugs from #Puja


5 responses to “The Creative blogger

  1. jmsabbagh says:

    Hi TTS,congratulation for the Award .My gratitude for nominating me for the creative Blogger Award.l will always cherish this special Award.Thank you .Be blessed.Jalal

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  2. upenreddy says:


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