Buzzing “Busy”

Skipping the reality!
Saying … “I’m too busy!!”
Glorifying the term “busy”
Giving it a new identity !!

A sign of being successful!
Aren’t we making fool ??
You know whom ??
To the world and
Most importantly to ourselves !!
Like a hypocrite !!
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I’m?? : my own master


Sometimes I feel like ..
If I could be a free bird !
And at the same hour ,
I do have sensed
The chain of bondages
I choose !!
I choose it for me !!

And it is me ..
Who can make myself
Free like a bird ,
Flying high in the blue sky ,
Chasing the clouds ..
Enjoying the purity of rain ..

If I put restrictions ,
Then it’s me to free myself ,
I am liable for my actions !!
No one else ..
My own master ..
Like you ..


Me and you : a small chatterbox together !!!

Loving and hating !!
We’re chatting ,

We’re fighting !!
Stopped talking !!
For some days ..
Didn’t resist ourselves !!
And again we’re talking ..

Laughing at each other’s words.
Pointing out the mistakes
We done !!

Funny we’re together !!
Talking and need no other !!

What a bond !!
It’s unknown ..
Yet lovely ..
I feel it ..

Me and you ??
A small chatterbox together !!
We need no other ..
Whatever the matter ..
We’re just perfect together…


Blogger Recognition Award

Wow !! The Blogger Recognition Award … Amazing .. 🙂
It’s my immense pleasure to accept the “Blogger Recognition Award” . It’s like a butterfly in my heart !!
All the thanks goes to Ramesh ; who thought that I’m deserving for this award and nominated me for this . It’s a great news for me . Good to hear that I’m blooming as a blogger !! Although still I feel I’m amateur here .. Yet as a part of the community , I desired to get  recognized .. Thanks for the nomination I desired for!
Guys , project mayhem is a great blog with lovely poems that will blew your mind with it’s amazing  words magic of words .. Here’s the link :
Please do visit the blog . I’m sure you all gonna like the posts ..

Started from scrapbooks,
Talking with myself !
Penned down my feelings ,
In the words undefined..
Then the words showers down
Like the rain showers ;
From the breaking clouds ,
I entered into
The world of words !
And It’s magic ..

Well, let’s take a look into the rules for nominations:-

• Select 15 blogs you want to give the  award to ..
Do some digging , find the deserving blogs . you can’t nominate yourself or the blog nominated you .
• Write a post to show off your award ! Give a brief story of how your blog started , and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers !
• Thank whoever Nominated you & provide a link to their blog .
• List the blogs whom you’ve nominated and provide a link to their blogs .
•Make sure to also attach the award itself ! (You can do this by right – clicking , saving & uploading the image above).
• Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them .

So , As per the rule , I’ve nominated 15 awesome blogs . Here’s the blog links :-

words on a blackboard
k.L. Register

These blogs contains lovely stuffs that are amazingly good to read .. That will inspire you to ink your words , will motivate you with positive and optimistically amazing views they have had , rhymes of words that lead to funny sentence formations and reviews that are awesome to read out again and again ! Please do explore these lovely blogs above .. Hope you gonna like it .

Next …..
Question zone :-

• why I’m here ???
> Of course, by my best friends’ grace it is ! They have explored my hidden talent .. LoL !!
They advised me and I obeyed !!
After all Friends are Friends.. Isn’t it ?

• Blogging advice !!!
As amateur! As I believe I am !!
So … “Keep Blogging” …. It’s my advice!! He he he ..
😉 🙂


I’m walking alone …

Pic source:- Google

Rattling of leaves ,
Mysterious eves !
Windy evening ,
And the Empty road ,
Walking alone ,
Heading towards the ultimate destination..

God’s will it is…
And the destiny brings !
Walking alone ,
I am ..

Timeless time is gone !
With no time ..
Walking ..
I’m keep on walking !

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Tricolour- Nation’s pride

Pic source:- google

The Nation’s pride ,
Standing straight
Flowing in the sky
At a high ;
And shining bright..
It’s our pride ,
The nation’s pride ..

We’re the flowers ,
Blooming in a garden,
Where sky is painted
With the tricolours ..

Different we’re in appearances ,
Different is our scents ,
And different colours we’ve ..
Beautiful together we’re ,
Forming the rainbow
In the soil ,

And ..Planting the seeds ,
Of Happiness ,
And the bond of love ..
Brotherhood flow in our blood ,

It’s the nation’s pride ..
The India’s pride ..
Independent she is ,
She gives birth and rebirth ;
She’s ..
Epitome of tenderness ,
Epitome of care and love ..
Deep rooted and rich culture
She taught her sons and daughters ,
She taught her children ..
“Atithi deva bhava”
“Satyameva jayate”
“To be loved ,
To spread love ,
To preach humanitarianism;
To be human “..
She’s Mother ,India ..

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