Monsoon bash ..

Clicked with :- Gionee p2 (Dibrugarh,Assam)

Rattling of leaves ,
Breezy air ..
Kissing my face ,
And touching my soul ..

Flowers  are with drizzle
Looking fresh!!
Lush green grass
Dancing around !!

Blue sky is painted white ,
Dancing clouds
Going random !!
Yet sending the message
Of the arrival of monsoon storm !!

I’m coming it says !!
Let’s dance
In the bash !!
We’re about to celebrate monsoon!!
You please , come soon !!

Peacock is ready ,
Swan is ready ,
Flamingo is waiting
For the party !!
Why you’re alone ?
In your gloomy home ?
Come and joined the party ..

And I’m …
Getting an invitation,
It showers the words ,
That put into action !!
Like an arrow it hits sharply !!
Spreading the love
To the all lovelies..


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