Blogger Recognition Award

Wow !! The Blogger Recognition Award … Amazing .. 🙂
It’s my immense pleasure to accept the “Blogger Recognition Award” . It’s like a butterfly in my heart !!
All the thanks goes to Ramesh ; who thought that I’m deserving for this award and nominated me for this . It’s a great news for me . Good to hear that I’m blooming as a blogger !! Although still I feel I’m amateur here .. Yet as a part of the community , I desired to get  recognized .. Thanks for the nomination I desired for!
Guys , project mayhem is a great blog with lovely poems that will blew your mind with it’s amazing  words magic of words .. Here’s the link :
Please do visit the blog . I’m sure you all gonna like the posts ..

Started from scrapbooks,
Talking with myself !
Penned down my feelings ,
In the words undefined..
Then the words showers down
Like the rain showers ;
From the breaking clouds ,
I entered into
The world of words !
And It’s magic ..

Well, let’s take a look into the rules for nominations:-

• Select 15 blogs you want to give the  award to ..
Do some digging , find the deserving blogs . you can’t nominate yourself or the blog nominated you .
• Write a post to show off your award ! Give a brief story of how your blog started , and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers !
• Thank whoever Nominated you & provide a link to their blog .
• List the blogs whom you’ve nominated and provide a link to their blogs .
•Make sure to also attach the award itself ! (You can do this by right – clicking , saving & uploading the image above).
• Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them .

So , As per the rule , I’ve nominated 15 awesome blogs . Here’s the blog links :-

words on a blackboard
k.L. Register

These blogs contains lovely stuffs that are amazingly good to read .. That will inspire you to ink your words , will motivate you with positive and optimistically amazing views they have had , rhymes of words that lead to funny sentence formations and reviews that are awesome to read out again and again ! Please do explore these lovely blogs above .. Hope you gonna like it .

Next …..
Question zone :-

• why I’m here ???
> Of course, by my best friends’ grace it is ! They have explored my hidden talent .. LoL !!
They advised me and I obeyed !!
After all Friends are Friends.. Isn’t it ?

• Blogging advice !!!
As amateur! As I believe I am !!
So … “Keep Blogging” …. It’s my advice!! He he he ..
😉 🙂



5 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Its wonderful to be nominated by you for the Blogger Recognition Award . I am honored to accept the Award and share it with the other nominees .Its beautiful to build bridges between fellow blogger.Best regards.Jalal

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