Live Game !! ( the game of life)

Emoji …
We put it ;
In our reality !

Like a new dress
We put ,
Every time !!

Covered up the reality !
What we are ??
No one knows !!

A mystery for itself ,
Tired of solving puzzles !
What about a new Game ?
The Emotional one ?
Live it will be !
Live it is …

Feelings ??
The Programs of the Game !
Emotions ?
Functions like a CPU !
And we ?
The human computers !
To play it on !!

Time changes !
From ancient to digital !
We wanna go higher ..
And higher ..
Setting everything on fire !

Forgetting the Truth ;
That how much we try,
Go on higher !
One day we’ll have to comedown !
To the land ..
Where we belong ..



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