Love you , papa ..

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Memories of childhood ,
Still as fresh
As it was that day ;
I spent ..

You made promise Papa ,
You’ll come soon !
And I believed ..

Waited ..
When you’ll come ?
With hands full chocolates
I ordered you to bring !

Calling you ..
You’re busy in meeting !
Yet you received!!
And I was angry !
Where are you ?
I asked ..
When you’ll come ??
Come now .. Come now ..
I want chocolates!
Right now ..

You smiled..
I cried !!
Then you ..
With your affection ,
Assured me..
Telling the story ..

And asked me to peep out..
From the window,
“Just look at the Moon;
I’m coming soon..”

And you kept your promise
Every time ..
Till now..
My demands are on my way
To you ..
And you always fulfills..
Thanks for being ,
Such a great dad ..
Love you papa ..



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