Mind disorder !!!

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I’m a simple person ;
With complicated mind !!!
Once I used to be ,
Very very kind !!!

I’m temporarily
Out of order !!!
As I’m completely shattered !!!
My ideas are being murdered!!!

So …
Now I stopped chattar-pattar !!!
So please …
Try again later
Or may be ;
Your game will be over !!!

As I’m suffering from …
The Mind Disorder !!
So  you better keep yourself,
In Order ..
Don’t cross your boarder ..

OK.. Then ..
Now talk with you later …



I am : just difficult to elaborate!!!

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I am ???
An open book !
You can read out loud ;
You’ll find me difficult ,
To decode !

Changing my colours ,
Every time !
With the occasions,
And with the supposed actions !!

I am ???
Simple …
Yet ..
You’ll find in me
Many complications !!

I am ???
A surprise ..
Sometimes ..
With some new actions !!

I am ???
With a history ;
With lots of mysteries ,
Like just another story ..

I am ???
What I want to be !
What you want to make me !

As per as your actions ,
I give myself ,
A new direction !
And it’s a continuation ..

Till the end ..
Where I hope ,
For a new beginning!
Leaving my footprints ,
In your heart land ..
Every time …

I am is …
What you think !
Of Me ..

I am is…
Just simply
Me ..
And I am ???
Just difficult to elaborate !!!


Under a veil …

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Hiding the face
Under a veil ..
Trying to see
What’s going on ??
With all her curiosity!
On the auspicious day
Of her life ..
Changing the surname ;
Getting a new identity
She is ..
All new ..
In an all new family
A bond of Love ..
And so many relationships ..
She’s going to make ..
Or already made ..
Binds two families…
With all her Love
And her mesmerizing smile..
She welcomes everyone
In her little world ;
To fill it
With the colours of Rainbow ..
Or perhaps ;
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Durga Puja

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Starting from the hymn
To the Dhaker taal ,
Mesmerizing smell of Siyuli
Splash the mood of festivity ..
Dhunuchi in Aarati ,
White  saaries with red borders!
Smiles in every face ,
You bring ..
Maa Durga you come ,
Every year ..
To save us from Devil ..
Oh .. MahishashuraMardini
Bless us ..
With peace and happiness ,
I bow to you ..
With a peaceful and pure mind ..
Accept my heartiest welcome..
Maa ..
I bow to you ..
” sarva mangalya māngalye
Shive sarvādhya sādhike
Saranye Priya ambeke Gouri
Narayani Namastute”

“Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu
Shakti rupena sangthitā
Namastashai Namastashai
Namastashai Namo Namah”


I can fly …

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Every breeze whispers,
Reminds me constantly,
That I can fly
In the sky ..
And go high.. 

In the border of oceans 
In the wings of birds ,
There is a story
Of glory ..
And of shines..

Yes .. I can fly
I do believe it now !!
In the golden sky …
With the dragonflies,
Chasing the breeze ,
And kissing the sky …
I can fly ..
I can fly..


Don’t let you go …

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Don’t let you go ,
Don’t gonna leave
You alone !

In the darkest hour
You’re in !!
But I’m holding your hand ..
Will hold your hand ..
Whatever comes in !

Together we’ll search ..
For a new land ,
Of Sunshine ..

I believe ..
We’ll find ..

I believe
Our sun will rise..
Though darkness is around ,
But a single sunlight is enough,
To eradicate ..
This darkest hour ..
You’re spending …

No matter what comes in !
I’ll be by your side ..
In anyways ..
I’ll be there for you;
Holding your hands ;
For the whole life time ..


And…I don’t wanna care anymore !!!

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Showering the rain ,
And erasing the footprints!
In the isolation;
As if I’m the king !!!

Don’t wanna be ;
In the cage !!!
At any age…
And …
Wanna set myself ,
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Letter to my Bestie …

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When you’re all around,
The sky is always Blue …
I’m so lucky that ;
I find a friend like you ..

The smile in my face ,
That you always bring ,
Whenever I feel low ;
You tackle  that thing ..

I smile !
And again fly ;
With you ..
And give up things ,
That weigh me down !

And anywhere I’m ;
I know ..
You’ll be around..
When I call your name ,
You just simply like ;
To listen the sound !
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