Behind My Every Words !!

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Behind my every words;
There’re some words ,
I keep ….
To myself !!

Half truth !!
Yes … I admit ..
I speak…
I keep ,
Rest of the words ,
Within deep core of my Heart ..

Behind my words spoken ;
It left some truth unspoken !!
Yes … I admit ..
I hide it !!

I try …
To threw light ,
With my every “Just kidding”
To the side ,
You didn’t see !!
With your two eyes ..
With my ..
Every “Just kidding”
You took it ..
As light as air is !!

You smile ..
I say ..
“It’s OK”
But ..
Is it so ???

I hide what I really felt !
But still keep it in mind ,
Not to hurt you !!
With my bitter words of truthfulness!!

Don’t wanna spoil ;
Your smile ..
It suits you ..

Every time ,
Everything ends up ,
With my every “it’s OK!!”

But .. But.. But…
When I say ;
” I don’t care”
It’s hurt ..
You believe I don’t !!

But ..
Dear ..
I do care ..
There’s a little emotions
Behind my every
” I don’t care “!!!

Behind my every words ..
There’s an unspoken reality!!
I hide ..
With a make up!!



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