Durga Puja

Pic source : Google

Starting from the hymn
To the Dhaker taal ,
Mesmerizing smell of Siyuli
Splash the mood of festivity ..
Dhunuchi in Aarati ,
White  saaries with red borders!
Smiles in every face ,
You bring ..
Maa Durga you come ,
Every year ..
To save us from Devil ..
Oh .. MahishashuraMardini
Bless us ..
With peace and happiness ,
I bow to you ..
With a peaceful and pure mind ..
Accept my heartiest welcome..
Maa ..
I bow to you ..
” sarva mangalya māngalye
Shive sarvādhya sādhike
Saranye Priya ambeke Gouri
Narayani Namastute”

“Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu
Shakti rupena sangthitā
Namastashai Namastashai
Namastashai Namo Namah”



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