I am : just difficult to elaborate!!!

Pic source : google

I am ???
An open book !
You can read out loud ;
You’ll find me difficult ,
To decode !

Changing my colours ,
Every time !
With the occasions,
And with the supposed actions !!

I am ???
Simple …
Yet ..
You’ll find in me
Many complications !!

I am ???
A surprise ..
Sometimes ..
With some new actions !!

I am ???
With a history ;
With lots of mysteries ,
Like just another story ..

I am ???
What I want to be !
What you want to make me !

As per as your actions ,
I give myself ,
A new direction !
And it’s a continuation ..

Till the end ..
Where I hope ,
For a new beginning!
Leaving my footprints ,
In your heart land ..
Every time …

I am is …
What you think !
Of Me ..

I am is…
Just simply
Me ..
And I am ???
Just difficult to elaborate !!!



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