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Baby (meri ishq ki hai ye dua) : rendition

on November 14, 2015

Pic source : Google

You know ;
I love you ..
You know I care !!
Shout whenever
& I’ll be there ..
I want your love ,
I want your Heart &
We’ll be never ever ever be apart ..

Oh Baby..
I love you ..
Yeah ..
I love you ..
Wanna hold your hand
& my dream will come true ..
I love you ..
Baby .. I love you ..

Dil ki ardass tum ,
Saanson ki sargoshi tum ,
Har kamoshiyon main
Dil ki ho saaz tum …

Naino main basey ho ,
Sapno ki tarha !
Khwab ho mere ,
Hakiquat ki tarha ..

Isquadar hum miley ,
Ke na ho juda !!
Ho jayein kahin gumshuda ..

Kho jayein iss tarha ,
Zara zara ..
Zara Zara ..
Meri ishq ki hai ye dua ..


#reference : Justin Bieber’s Baby Lyrics ( first stanza only)



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