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Teri blushwali smile !!

on November 21, 2015

Pic source : Google

Najane kese kahaan
Yeh dil kho gyi ;
Dilko lagi paankh
tere galiyon main kho gyi ..
Dil ne di woh blushwali smile ,
And ..
Dil hui choomantar ,
So .. The sky says that ..
The love is in the air !!

Uff  …yeh jaduwali smile !!
Hye …
Dil le gyi yeh teri ;
“Blushwali” smile..
Yeh teri ..
Million dollar smile ..
It’s like that early morning’s
Lemon sunshine ..
Yeh teri blushwali smile ..
Oh baby   ..
Yeh teri million dollar smile..
Baby ..
Yeh jaduwali smile ..
Yeh Blushwali smile …



4 responses to “Teri blushwali smile !!

  1. Upen Reddy says:

    I think you have a bright future as a lyricist. Your lyrics are catchy:). Keep the creative juices flowing.(Y) . All the best!!

    Liked by 1 person

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