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Well …
It’s not a formality !!!
The thanksgiving !!
And I also know…
I’m again late !!!
But .. It’s like …
What to say to you all ???
The words falls short now ..

I mean ..

Looking back to my Childhood ;
And till now ..
Surrounded by you all ..
Every time …
I am ..
What I am ..
Is for you all !!

Or .. I can say ..
You all accepted me ;
Exactly the way I am !!!!
Without perfection !!!!

I should be thankful ;
I should be grateful ;
And .. Beyond these ..
I should consider myself Lucky
As you all gifted me ..
The key ..
To happiness ..

The touch of tenderness ,
The touch of care ..
Those intimacy ..
Those memories !!

Thanks .. For being there. 
Whenever I need you all .

Hey Mom,
You’re the prettiest Lady of My Little World ..
I know I can’t be you .. Although how much I try !!!
You’re just simply awesome ..
Love you ..
Here , what I think of you !!
A cherry Letter to my dear Mom ..
I can’t be you Momma …

Dad …
I always want to be your star actually !!
You’re always used to be my Best friend .. Simply you’re awesome .. Always fulfills my Demands !!
Here .. What I think of you !! ..
Love you , Papa

At last …
To all my buddies ..
Partners in crime ..
Thanks to you all !! And I mean it guys ..
Here what I think of you all !!!
Check the link guys ..
Letter to my Bestie …

Loveeeee youuuuuu allllll ….



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