Let’s water the seeds of happiness…

Pic source: Google

We cried so much !!
We hold the pain ,
For so long !!

We desired !
We hope !
But ..
We got limitless pains
And our heart aches !!

Why do we bother ?
Why can’t we love us ?
Why can’t we respect us ?
So many questions !!
To ask ..
But it’s difficult;
To answer !!

Forget everything !
Start like a New born being
Don’t hold your Past !
And ..
It’s a must !!

Tears …
Yeah .. Tears !!
That’s in your eyes ,
And that’s in my eyes!!
For many many years !
Don’t hold it back !
Don’t act like a hypocrite !

Let your tears ;
Be utilize !!
Let them shower
From your eyes ..
Let the tears water;
The seeds of your happiness ..
And forget all the pains ..
After all …
Not sadness ;
You deserve happiness …



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