You’re the carpenter of your destiny ..

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Who can help you ?
The question is yours ;
The answer lies in you !

What you need to do is..
Learn ;
To be in silence ,
To earn ;
Your own value ,

How many times ,
We gonna talk
We gonna gossip
With others ?

Long forgone is we !!
By us !!
By ourselves!!

Learn to be in silence;
Talk to yourself;
Be the Carpenter,
Shape your destiny ;
With the chisel of your Hard work..

In the silence,
Without the violence,
In the innermost core
Of your pure Heart ..

The Destiny ..
You must create !
The Destiny ..
You must design for yourself!

It’s only you ..
In your life ;
Playing the pivotal role ,
All in under your control ;

No one gonna stop you ,
No one can stop you ,
Unless you stop !

Mines of jewels lies in you ,
What are you searching for ??
You’re the Carpenter ,
Of your destiny !



3 thoughts on “You’re the carpenter of your destiny ..

  1. Wow Puja… Very inspiring and creative write up.. Very true.. We have to design our own destiny. We are the cartographers of our own destiny and as you said we are carpenters of our destiny. We have to shape it.. Have a great day.. 🙂

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