Love Messages …

Source : Pinterest

Nights are passing silently;
Don’t know…
What’s It saying secretly!
Seems like …
Sleep will not kiss in my eyes …

Counting stars …
Among the stars ;
Dreaming with all my might !
In the charming Moonlight..

You’re in everywhere,
Travelling with me ;
In my every Dreams…

Sticking in my fingers ,
Lips and cheeks!
How could I forget ?
Even by mistake !

Here I am …
For you ..
Only for your sake ..

Fireflies aren’t telling lies !
They’re giving me your clues ..
In the wings ,
Of butterflies ..
You’re asking for my blues !

Seems like ..
My Heart is not by my side !
Travelled to be in your side ..
But ..
I didn’t mind !
Will never mind ..
For the greatest lose of mine …

I’m the traveller ..
Travelling with you;
To your Heart ,
To find me in it !


© thoughtsthatstucked


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