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In just a blink ..

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Sipping the words ;

I know it hurts ! 

Though I’ve got scars ,

Keeping my eyes shut ..

I know you’ll try to bring me Down ;

I let you try coz I know you’re goin’ Down ;

Though my heart bleeds ;

Makin’ me flinch ! 

Need some rest ;

As if it never gonna end ! 

But .. I let you know 

I’ll take baby steps;


I’ll pass through all in just a blink ! 

In just a blink ! 

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We’ll do it all again !

We’re going in a Motion ,
In a very new Direction !
We’re really in need of some Actions
Right now yeah ..

Though things are gettin’ Tougher
But we’re going Higher ;
We set us blazing Fire !
We’re building our Empire;
It’s something we’d Admire !

So ..
Don’t worry about the Future !
Let’s rock through the Torture;
I know we can do it !
We’ll do it all again ..

Gettin’ back on the right Track ;
Putting our fav Soundtrack ;
Lookin’ for some new Hecks !
We know .. We’ll do it all again !
Yeah .. We’ll do it all again!

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Lifology (3)


Truth is beautiful;
Without doubts !

So …are the lies !!
A sweet fume
Of illusion ;

Hypnotic it is ..
Hypnotise you ,
For some moment ..
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Lifology (2)


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Life’s …
To be loved ..
Not to be compromised !

Not about
Inhaled oxygen!
Not about
Dehydrated mind’s…
Dull thoughts to be creep over ..
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Mom’s magic ..


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You’re there ..
Every time ,
No matter how tired you’re !
You always become
The ultimate savior ..
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Rhythmic nature…


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The song ..
Remains unsung..

Instruments unstring ,
The wind passing by ..
Touching my soul ,

Still words aren’t placed rightly !
Roaming here & there
Throughout my rhythm
And soul ..
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The sky of glory…


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The Imaginations ,
Are all my possessions ,
With so much care ,
And love ..
Like a peace loving dove ,
I kept ..

All my imaginations ,
Got the wings ,
Of those colour splashed ;
Butterflies !
And fly ..
In the wide blue sky ..

Splashed all the colours ,
Of my imaginations ,
That the butterflies kept ;
In their wings ..
In that page like sky !
The all new painted sky !
With the colours of mine !

My imaginations ,
Just write my name up ;
On that painted sky ..
Which is singing the glory ,
Of my…
Short happy ending story …


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Dance .. Till your last breath!!


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Positive blood,
With negative attitude !

Seems like nowhere ,
In longitude & latitude !

Over thinking !!!
Is problem bringing !!

Why don’t you understand ??
You need to stand ,
By your side..
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The dreams are like
A crystalized glass !
So..Be careful !!
Hold all your dreams tight ..
In your pretty eyes ..
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In this world of illusion ;
I don’t get a proper conclusion!
Though ..
With every communication,
I step a foot ahead ,
Like a sensation !
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