Back to December!

Going back to December, is a walk to remember,

No I wasn’t a dreamer but just a mere admirer!


I don’t understand what you did to me!

I smile without knowing and began dreaming.

Your One smile is enough to make my little world wide with exploding fireworks like fireflies.

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Is it just a start?

Gazing up in the sky

Full of starlight,

I wonder about the changes

When they meet like two lovers,

Clash onto each other,

Holding and breaking together,

Moulding onto something further..

Are we like them??

Why do I feel you’re the Comet of my life?

Since you’re the Star,

Does that mean Am I the Earth??

You’re the Change, when we exchange;

Even though out of courtesy,

My life was boring yet easy.

You’re the storm,

On the surface of my Heart.

Is it just a start???

Rhythmic nature…

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The song ..
Remains unsung..

Instruments unstring ,
The wind passing by ..
Touching my soul ,

Still words aren’t placed rightly !
Roaming here & there
Throughout my rhythm
And soul ..
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The sky of glory…

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The Imaginations ,
Are all my possessions ,
With so much care ,
And love ..
Like a peace loving dove ,
I kept ..

All my imaginations ,
Got the wings ,
Of those colour splashed ;
Butterflies !
And fly ..
In the wide blue sky ..

Splashed all the colours ,
Of my imaginations ,
That the butterflies kept ;
In their wings ..
In that page like sky !
The all new painted sky !
With the colours of mine !

My imaginations ,
Just write my name up ;
On that painted sky ..
Which is singing the glory ,
Of my…
Short happy ending story …


The power in me…

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Blur dreams ,
I dreamt !!
Was curious ..
As it was;
Quite mysterious!!
Soon it got clear ..
And a pretty face appear !!
With wings of fire ,
She hired ..
And flew high ..
With those pretty colourful butterflies..
She’s may be an Angel !!
Extended her hand ;
To me…
And asked me to fly
In the open wide blue sky ..
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