I’m?? : my own master


Sometimes I feel like ..
If I could be a free bird !
And at the same hour ,
I do have sensed
The chain of bondages
I choose !!
I choose it for me !!

And it is me ..
Who can make myself
Free like a bird ,
Flying high in the blue sky ,
Chasing the clouds ..
Enjoying the purity of rain ..

If I put restrictions ,
Then it’s me to free myself ,
I am liable for my actions !!
No one else ..
My own master ..
Like you ..



Tricolour- Nation’s pride

Pic source:- google

The Nation’s pride ,
Standing straight
Flowing in the sky
At a high ;
And shining bright..
It’s our pride ,
The nation’s pride ..

We’re the flowers ,
Blooming in a garden,
Where sky is painted
With the tricolours ..

Different we’re in appearances ,
Different is our scents ,
And different colours we’ve ..
Beautiful together we’re ,
Forming the rainbow
In the soil ,

And ..Planting the seeds ,
Of Happiness ,
And the bond of love ..
Brotherhood flow in our blood ,

It’s the nation’s pride ..
The India’s pride ..
Independent she is ,
She gives birth and rebirth ;
She’s ..
Epitome of tenderness ,
Epitome of care and love ..
Deep rooted and rich culture
She taught her sons and daughters ,
She taught her children ..
“Atithi deva bhava”
“Satyameva jayate”
“To be loved ,
To spread love ,
To preach humanitarianism;
To be human “..
She’s Mother ,India ..

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