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As it’s been tagged ; it’s Free of course on #Wattpad free book reading app ! All you need to visit to read stories ! Starting from budding writers to popular one the stories are categorized from General fic , Fan fic , Science Fic , Romance , Romedy , Historic fic ,LGBT & many more ! 

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Name : The Indian Beauty!

Genre : General Fiction  @itsPujaHere

This story revolvs around the an Indian Beauty ; Hiya Bannerjee who’s born in UK & about a British guy , Ethan Maxwell & his love life ! 

It celebrates  the Friendship , Family Values , Cultural lag and the strong bonding amongst Family &Friends ! 

There are more surprises yet to Reveal !

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Here’s the Link given below :-

I think you’d like this story: “The Indian Beauty!” by itsPujaHere on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/KX7BM2NGXD

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In just a blink ..

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Sipping the words ;

I know it hurts ! 

Though I’ve got scars ,

Keeping my eyes shut ..

I know you’ll try to bring me Down ;

I let you try coz I know you’re goin’ Down ;

Though my heart bleeds ;

Makin’ me flinch ! 

Need some rest ;

As if it never gonna end ! 

But .. I let you know 

I’ll take baby steps;


I’ll pass through all in just a blink ! 

In just a blink ! 

We’ll do it all again !

We’re going in a Motion ,
In a very new Direction !
We’re really in need of some Actions
Right now yeah ..

Though things are gettin’ Tougher
But we’re going Higher ;
We set us blazing Fire !
We’re building our Empire;
It’s something we’d Admire !

So ..
Don’t worry about the Future !
Let’s rock through the Torture;
I know we can do it !
We’ll do it all again ..

Gettin’ back on the right Track ;
Putting our fav Soundtrack ;
Lookin’ for some new Hecks !
We know .. We’ll do it all again !
Yeah .. We’ll do it all again!

Coz .. I can’t be a loser! 

It’s been a while we just met ,

You made your heart all set ! 

Baby you want to be closer , 

And you don’t wanna be a loser! 

Baby .. I know you’re a tease ,

But let me tell you ;

I’m the teaser !

You’re just a gamer ,

And a quite prince charmer 

So .. Baby I won’t let you closer ! 

I won’t rely on your shoulder ,

When my days are become clouder , 

And my heart became colder .. 

I know .. I’m little harsher,

May be more than little harsher !

Though my heart wants you closer ! 

My heart is beating louder!

But I can’t be a loser ! 

Yes .. I can’t be a loser ! 

This betting will soon over .. 

And I’ll be getting over ! 

I’ll not let down my cover ! 


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Well …
It’s not a formality !!!
The thanksgiving !!
And I also know…
I’m again late !!!
But .. It’s like …
What to say to you all ???
The words falls short now ..

I mean ..

Looking back to my Childhood ;
And till now ..
Surrounded by you all ..
Every time …
I am ..
What I am ..
Is for you all !!

Or .. I can say ..
You all accepted me ;
Exactly the way I am !!!!
Without perfection !!!!

I should be thankful ;
I should be grateful ;
And .. Beyond these ..
I should consider myself Lucky
As you all gifted me ..
The key ..
To happiness ..

The touch of tenderness ,
The touch of care ..
Those intimacy ..
Those memories !!

Thanks .. For being there. 
Whenever I need you all .

Hey Mom,
You’re the prettiest Lady of My Little World ..
I know I can’t be you .. Although how much I try !!!
You’re just simply awesome ..
Love you ..
Here , what I think of you !!
A cherry Letter to my dear Mom ..
I can’t be you Momma …
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You’ll never see me cry !!! (I will never say you Good Bye) / Strength Reloaded

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Although I know ,
I scared of height !
Although I know that ..
I can fly !!!
Yeah .. I will fly ..
But …
You’ll never see me cry !!
I will never say you Good Bye !!

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The power in me…

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Blur dreams ,
I dreamt !!
Was curious ..
As it was;
Quite mysterious!!
Soon it got clear ..
And a pretty face appear !!
With wings of fire ,
She hired ..
And flew high ..
With those pretty colourful butterflies..
She’s may be an Angel !!
Extended her hand ;
To me…
And asked me to fly
In the open wide blue sky ..
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