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“The Indian Beauty !” On #Wattpad  #FreeReading 

Hey there everyone!

It’s been a while without much updates on WWW.thoughtsthatstucked.WordPress. com but I’ve got a great response on the latest updates ! 

So a big thanks for reading ! 

Okay … Today I’m not updating any poem on but sharing a story that you all who love to read stories may like ! 

As it’s been tagged ; it’s Free of course on #Wattpad free book reading app ! All you need to visit to read stories ! Starting from budding writers to popular one the stories are categorized from General fic , Fan fic , Science Fic , Romance , Romedy , Historic fic ,LGBT & many more ! 

OF course !

As it’s been said it’s Free ! 

So EXPLORE as much as you can On Wattpad ! 

And also …

Don’t forget to ping me in On Wattpad under ‘Book Dragon! 😉 [ @itsPujaHere]

Oh ! 

I forgot to mention ! 

IF YOU’RE INTERESTING IN SHARING YOUR OWN STORIES YOU CAN SHARE WITH US ON WATTPAD and get digitally published and also you can follow your favourite writers ! 

 So … Back to the story ! 

Name : The Indian Beauty!

Genre : General Fiction  @itsPujaHere

This story revolvs around the an Indian Beauty ; Hiya Bannerjee who’s born in UK & about a British guy , Ethan Maxwell & his love life ! 

It celebrates  the Friendship , Family Values , Cultural lag and the strong bonding amongst Family &Friends ! 

There are more surprises yet to Reveal !

Check out on Wattpad !



Here’s the Link given below :-

I think you’d like this story: “The Indian Beauty!” by itsPujaHere on Wattpad

Thanks For Reading ! 

Good day ! 


My Heart fly High !

Silent words are hard to speak !

Curiosity is at its peek ..

I just wanna know ,

I just wanna know You ..

When you first walked in ,

With a pretty high chin ..

Making me crazy freakin’ ..

Like every others ..

You didn’t notice ! 

My existence where you’re in ..

But .. I notice you every moment ,

From the first beginning 

To the evenings.. 

Your smiles ,

Sweet lies .. 

My Heart seems like fly high ..

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Just Listen …

Just listen to Me once ;

Not going to say ,

Twice or thrice!
Come to my life ,

In Reality..

Oh yeah ! 

In Reality ….
Meet Me somewhere,

In no Times 

Forgetting Everything

And Everyone …
Just Listen through

 Your Eyes

What My Eyes recite …
Just look into My Eyes ..

You’ll know my desires,

For once .. 

Cuz .. Not gonna say 

Twice or thrice! 
Just listen baby .. 

Just listen for once …


We’re now Strangers !

It’s been ages .. 

Seems like we’re now Strangers !

As I wait for You ..

Suck it up our Broken life !

Even you’re there ..

Seems like ages..

Everything’s changes .. 

Even though I tried to Go back to You ..

We keep taking turns ..

Going far away ..

Each moment and every time .. 

I wish I could make You stay !

It’s been ages..

Seems like we’re now Strangers ..

It’s been ages..

Seems like we’re now Strangers ..

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Love Messages …


Source : Pinterest

Nights are passing silently;
Don’t know…
What’s It saying secretly!
Seems like …
Sleep will not kiss in my eyes …
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Don’t go away ..


Pic source : painted (poster colour)

The Sun shines ;
With the sunshine ,
The purple feelings
Of mine,
Goes pinkish …
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Gustakhiyaan/lyrics (Hindi)


Pic source:- Google

Gustakhiyaan dil ne ki ,
Kuch iss tarah ..
Ki …
Tera ban gaya ,
Main saara !
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That flirty message!!


Pic source : Google

“Rosey is your lips,
Pinkish it is ..
Like a butterfly ..
You fly high ..
In the imagination,
Of my sky ..

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Tumse …/ lyrics (Hindi)


Pic source: Google

Ho na bayan   …
Labson main ,
Terimeri jo hai dastaan ..
Samjho tum bin kahe !
Aankhon hi aankhon main ..
Aankhon ne jo kaha ..
Tumse …
Bas tumse …
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Teri kasam … /( #Hindi )


Pic source : Google

Aankhon main nind hai ,
Nindon main tum,

Teri kasam ..
Bakhuda ..
Oh mere Sanam …

Tum  ho woh subha meri ..
Pehli kiran woh tum ,

Oos ki boondon ki tarha ,
Boond boond ;
Ishqa bhar gye ..
Dil main mere ..

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